The same price as 2021 and it now also includes the Electric City 5 Miler & Miles on the Mohawk!
  1. Entry into all 10 AREEP owned events. (See the list in the FAQ.)
  2. The commemorative duffel bag shown above.
  3. Free transfers to others if you can't make it.
  4. We cover the processing fee.
  5. Your name on a banner displayed at all events.
    See the 2021 version.
  6. Helping your running community thrive.


The race pass includes these 10 events:

  1. Brave the Blizzard 5K Snowshoe Race
  2. Electric City 5 Miler
  3. Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon
  4. Miles on the Mohawk
  5. Dodge the Deer 5K
  6. Froggy Five & Hard as Hell Half Marathon
  7. Thacher Park Trail Running Festival
  8. Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon & Squirrelly Six Mile
  9. Upstate Classic
  10. ARE Adventure Race

Learn more about these events here.

When you sign-up for the Race Pass, you have the choice of selecting to register yourself for all of the events or to receive a registration code to register for each one individually. If you choose to sign yourself up at the time of purchasing the Race Pass, you are permitted to later transfer your entry for any particular event to another person if ultimately you can't make the event.

If you choose to receive a registration code, then you will still need to register individually for each event. You also have the option to give that code to someone else. If you do ultimately register using a code but then need to transfer your entry, you can.

The deadline to purchase the Race Pass is January 31, 2022. We reserve the right to extend this but do not guarantee that at this time.

The duffel bags will be delivered to us in late winter and then available for pick-up at several of the packet pick-ups (Helderberg to Hudson/Miles on the Mohawk/Dodge the Deer). Once we have them (we will email you), they will also be available at the AREEP office during normal business hours and at other times for which an organized activity is occurring at the AREEP Office (ie. packet pick-up for another event at their office).

AREEP events consist of races that historically have both included a commemorative giveaway (ie. a shirt) as well as some more low-key events that did not have any physical item (ie. merchandise) giveaway. For 2022, in an effort to keep our entry fees low and also provide more options to our participants, we have made the change that none of our events include a merchandise giveaway as part of the base entry fee. For those that historically have, you now have the option to add the merchandise item for an additional fee. (As such, the entry fee for our road races and some of our trail races is now lower than previous years.)

Registering for the Race Pass does not include any merchandise item specific to an event; it is the equivalent of registering individually for each race without choosing (when applicable) the merchandise add-on. If you desire the specific merchandise item that is available as an add-on to a specific race, it can be purchased via that event's online store.

As described in "How does it work?", two perks of having the Race Pass include the ability to transfer your entry* to anyone at any of these events (even if the event is not otherwise allowing transfers) AND to do so for free (even if the event otherwise has a transfer fee)!

Transfers are completed through your Confirmation Page for that respective event, by which you click a button to generate a transfer code that you give to someone else to replace you at that event.

*Transfers MUST be completed at least one week prior to the event. Transfers are NOT permitted the week of a race.

The flat fee of the Race Pass is independent of which races you ultimately choose, so yes, you may consider there to be 'more value' if you choose a longer race at an event offering multiple distances but it has no impact on your pass.

There are no refunds*, with no exceptions. If ultimately you cannot attend an event, you are welcome to transfer your entry to someone else or donate it to our Pay it Forward Program. As part of your Race Pass purchase, we are considering you a supporter (/sponsor) of our 2022 Race Series and your name will be printed on a Step & Repeat display that will be at all events.

*If an event's date is changed or if an event is canceled, you will receive a code to register for any other AREEP event in the upcoming 12 months from the scheduled date of the impacted event. You are welcome to share/sell this code as you so choose.
This is permitted through January 31. To do so, sign up for the Race Pass, then send an email to events@areep.com that tells us your name, that you just signed up for Race Pass, and which races you had already registered for. We will refund the amounts paid for any of those 2022 races if they are otherwise included as part of the Race Pass. Any deferred 2020 Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon entries are exempt from this (You do not receive a refund).


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