Well, about that snow... it's a trail race!

Thank you for signing up to join us for the "Bummer, No Blizzard" 5K Trail Race!

Please set aside a few minutes to read this fully.


Date: Sun, 2/18/2024 - 10am Start

Tawasentha Park
188 Route 146, Altamont, NY 12009
The event is staged from the Chalet, an unheated indoor space.

See the course and elevation here. (Same course as 2023.)
As shown there, a portion of the course is repeated twice. This is basically the same course as ARE's Spring Trail Run Series. 

Plan to arrive between 9am and 9:30am. 

  1. When you enter the park, continue straight. After passing the pool (on your left) you will drive down a short, steep hill. There are small parking lots along this road. 
  2. Feel free to drive to the Chalet (you'll see us setup there) - if no spots remain, you can loop back around to find a spot.
  3. Upon parking, head into the Chalet to receive your bib and safety pins. 

There are 2 stalls next to the chalet.

Cloudy with temps in the mid 20s to low 30s.
While there may be hints of snow on the course in a few places, it's a trail race. 
If you have trail shoes, wear them. If not, road shoes will be OK - there may be a few slippery/muddy sections.

Here's a video from 2023. Repeated: that video is from last year, but other than the date, it provides some helpful info as the logistics are the same and the park is in similar shape. 

Is about 250 meters from the finish, on a large field.


  1. Make sure you're warm.  (Be sure to have extra clothes and shoes for after.)
  2. We will be making you pancakes! We'll also have some other items as well - and certainly welcome you to bring a pastry/breakfast item to share.
  3. Hang out and cheer for the rest of the ~2 dozen racers, making for an intimate kick-off to our year of races.

Have questions? Visit here. If not answered there, reach out. :)

We appreciate you choosing to join us!
- Josh Merlis and the AREEP Team